Ship your products : Carriers and Fees

Whether you are using the FreeVersion or all the features of the add-on store, you can determine the cost of shipping based on the Shipping Zone. You have the choice to set your shipping fees by price or by weight. Let us walk through how to manage your shipping costs of your products in the following guide.

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Choose your zones (we recommend you do this first)

To manage your carriers and the carrier fees you will first need to configure the zones of your online store. These zones correspond to the country where you authorize shipping and sales. You can choose to enable delivery in your country only having just one clear zone, one country, one fee, for example the United States. Or you can promote your business in multiple zones. These zones can be found and edited in Add-ons > Store > Settings > Zones.

Clearly defining your zones allows you to propose different fees for each zone. As you may want to group similar countries into a zone. For instance, a package to Germany and Italy can typically be delivered for the same fee, so these two countries can be placed in the Europe zone, and the fee will be the same.

Add a personalized carrier

In order to add a carrier go to Add-ons > Store > Settings > Carriers. Click on New Carrier (as seen below). Your carrier will be used to ship your orders.

It's important to pick the geographic zones covered by each carrier and to add them to the correct carrier to make easy efficient shipping. It is for this reason we recommend you start by defining the zones.

Example : add a carrier "Fedex" who covers the zone "United States"


Setting the shipping fees by price or by weight

A. Fees proposed by price :

Go to Add-ons > Store > Settings > Preferences and scroll down to the Shipping section, under "Calculate shipping fees" select "Set shipping fee by price". Specify if you wish to define the shipping fees. Your options for shipping are free, integrate the fees into the order price, free shipping after a certain price, you will just enter the price where shipping will be free.

In Add-ons > Store > Settings > Carriers, indicate the price ranges for each carrier, creating for each a price. You could add as many price ranges as you wish.

Attention If you leave this field empty, after ticking the box, all the orders will be free of charge. The price ranges must follow (example : [0 to 100], [100 to 150], or [150 to 300] and do not overlap the prices

Example : we previously created a carrier "Fedex", which covers the zone "United States". You must determine the price ranges. For this we choose to charge 6.90 $ for all orders between 0 and 300$ and free shipping fees for orders over 300$.

Price setting

B. Your shipping fees are based on weight :

Go to Add-ons > Store > Settings > Preferences and scroll down to the Shipping section, select "according by total weight". Don't forget, you have the option to choose if you want to offer free shipping if the order exceeds a certain weight.

Then go toAdd-ons > Store > Settings > Carriers, and indicate for each one the price based on the weight by creating weight ranges.

Attention If you leave this empty and you have checked the box "set free shipping by price" all the orders will be free of charge. Your weight ranges must not overlap (example : [ 1 to 3kg], [3 to 5kg], [5 to 7kg].

Example : we have previously created a carrier on the "Fedex", that covers the zone "United States". You need to determine the weight ranges. In the example photo below, we have set the shipping fee of 7.9 € for all orders with the weight of 0 et 1kg, etc, etc.

Weight range

Package pick-up

You can propose package pick-up as well. Define when, where, and determine the associated fees. Here is how to propose this to site customers :

Go to Add-ons > Store > Settings > Carriers :

  • Create a new carrier and name it (for example) "Package pick-up". Fill in the details, for instance when and where pick-up is available and the time in the section titled "Information".
  • Click on "weight ranges" (or weight), insert a random price for a rather large range (example : 0 for the range of 0 à 1000 kg or 0 pounds for 0 à 10.000 pounds).

How do you know if shipping fees are configured correctly?

We recommend that you create a client account on your store to test the application of shipping fees for each zone. This is the best way to ensure that your order process functions correctly.

If it is not working correctly, make sure :

  • the same country is not in two different zones (ex : England in the zone "UK" and in the zone "Europe").
  • that you have activated your shipping zones.
  • that your ranges for the price of the weight are correctly filled in (you cannot overlap the ranges).