Edit the online store settings

Wondering how to edit the range of settings in the online store add-on? These settings are applied to all the products and orders of your store. To edit the settings of your online store, go to Add-ons > Store > Settings. This guide will help you understand and perfect your store settings.

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Edit the invoice settings

Go to the menuAdd-ons > Store > Settings > Invoicing. In this section, you fill out the information that will be displayed on your site, for examples your email, store name, and your documentation details (name, addresses, and other information that compliment your invoices and receipts).

You can also add complementary information, for instance, your SIRET Number or any other information you think is useful for the customer can be added to "Registration". You can also edit your invoice settings, changing the prefix and the number used on your invoices.


Create Legal Notices

It is important to choose legal notices wisely to protect your store in case of litigation.

In order to add Legal notices, go to Settings > Global settings > Legal notices you can personalise important legal notices like the Terms of use and Terms of sale. Your legal notices will be clearly displayed in a link at the bottom of your site.

We strongly recommend you to get help from a lawyer or legal aid from an association to verify your Terms and Legal Notices so that your legal terms are appropriate to your online store.


Define store settings

Go to your Add-ons > Store > Settings > Preferences, you should edit your miscellaneous settings. These settings are important to maximizing your online stores potential.

For example, you can choose the moment to publish the store on your site or not. If you choose not to publish the store, you can still edit and create product listings and perfect the store without your site visitors being able to access your store. Allowing you to activate your online store when you are ready. You also have the option to enable or disable sales, allowing visitors to access the store without being able to complete the sales process.

On this page, you define the default settings for each product. This can be modified on each product.

  • If you wish to apply sales tax other than that by default, go toAdd-ons > Store > Settings >Taxes to add a new tax (example: setting tax depending on location zone).
  • You can also change the product display and personalize out-of-stock messages. These preferences include the last stocks remaining, number of products per page, in stock text, and the order of your product listing.
  • You have the option to propose gift wrapping to your customers. Which you can propose for a fee, this option is also set from the Add-ons > Store > Settings > Preferencesmenu as the previous points.
  • The portion dedicated to Shipping groups the settings that are related to shipping fees. For instance, whether your shipping fees are calculated by weight or price. We recommend that you set you shipping fees to price for small objects and by weight if you have products that are hard to ship.
  • To create discount codes when checking out, your site will need to have the offer E-commerce version. The discount codes can be managed in Add-ons > Store > Marketing > Discount codes (Must be subscribed to the offer E-commerce version).

Tip : Make your online store your site homepage and showcase your online products. You can replace your homepage of your site by that of your online store to spotlight your online store. To replace the default homepage with the online store homepage go to Settings > Global Settings > Homepage, select the store add-on, then click save.

Gift-wrapping options, the price, and taxes

  • Gift wrapping : Offer gift wrapping to your customers. By ticking the box, your customer now has the choice to box their purchase. You can define the price of gift wrapping.
  • Default Tax : Define the tax applied to your products. This can be specified by each product.
  • Price Display : Choose how prices are displayed throughout your store. This setting will be respected on any product added (Tax included, Sale price...)

Edit the stock settings

You have multiple display options concerning your product stock.

  • Out-of-stock ordering : allow your customers to order regardless of the available stock, this can be changed product by product.
  • Display quantities : selecting this box will show the number in stocks of each product . If the stock is at 0, then the text that you have put in the field "Out-of-stock ordering possible text" will be displayed.
  • Last stocks : the last stocks represent the stock left of each product, wherein you can create the default message displayed in the field "Last remaining stocks text" or if you want to activate e-mail alerts you will be notified.
  • Activate email alerts : by activating this box, you will receive an email when your stock quantity reaches the last stocks.

Edit the product display

Configure your product display from Add-ons > Store > Settings > Preferences

  • N° products per page : Choose the number of products displayed on each page, all products will be displayed on the following pages, with automatic pagination.

  • Display pagination : pagination facilitates navigation between product listing pages.The choices are at the top, at the bottom, or both the top and the bottom of your product list.
  • Default sorting : choose the criteria in which you want your products sorted. By product name, product price, manufacturer, date product added, date product modified or manual (position in category).
  • Default order : the order of products can be ascending and descending. So if you choose "Date product added" and descending order, the products added last will be at the top of the page.
  • N° days new product (7 days by default) : this field allows you to edit the number of days that a product will be marked as "new". Use the widgets to promote these products.
  • Display supplier : if provided on the product page this information will be displayed.
  • Display manufacturers : if you have provided this information will displayed as well

Edit the default country displayed to your site customers

The last section of the preferences allows you to select the country of default for your clients and visitors. The default country is automatically the United Kingdom and the price will be displayed in default currency that you need to set. A first time customer that has not created a store account will only see your default settings that you have put in place.

If your customers are primarily French, but you are English, we recommend that you put France for the default country. Also the price be displayed in the default currency of your default country, to adapt to your customers.

The customer can access any authorized currency or country if they have created an account.

To add a country, you must edit the zones in the Add-on Store. This can be edited by going Add-ons > Store > Settings > Zones.

Edit the default currency used for your Store

In this section, you can choose the default currency on your online store. You can change the currency by default for example : US dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Pounds...

You can also define :

  • N° of decimals : choose the numbers of decimals to be displayed (the standard is to leave 2 decimal places). Regardless of how many decimals you display, the calculations and the final price will be factual.
  • Decimal separator : the symbol used to separate whole numbers and decimals. A period (.) or a comma (,) are the most common.
  • Thousands separator : the separator used between three spaces (the space or a comma are the most used)
  • Display currency symbol before price : by ticking the box, the currency symbol will be placed before the price. Ex : £10 for 10 sterling pounds.

Attention : these settings are just the display settings on the site. You must continue to express the prices with decimals either as a period "." or if not a comma "," when you create/modify a product. Ex : 29.90

Please note that the currency and the display format are applied to your store, independent from the language of the site selected by the visitor. A multi-lingual website with American or Canadian customers or French and English you can only have 2 currencies, and 2 display formats. You define these settings as needed to adapt to your customers.

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Just as for the other Add-ons, the SEO and the plug-in options are found in the menu Add-ons > Store > Settings > Options.

To display your store as your homepage, we recommend that you read : Display an add-on as the homepage