Choose the payment methods

To allow customers to purchase your products you will need to configure the payments structures of your online store. With a multitude of payment methods, where customers can pay by credit card, wire transfer, or check. This guide will help you set up your payment process.

Payment methods

Go to the Add-ons > Store > Settings where you will define the values by default displayed to your customers.

  • The currency : in the store Preferences go to the section titled Currency, you will define the default currency (the reference) which will be used for your online store.
  • Prices and tax : in the Preferences. Scroll to the section entitled Prices and tax from where you can specify the tax applied by default to your products - depending on your status, you could be required to pay certain taxes (the VAT for instance). To set the taxes go to Add-ons > Store > Settings > Taxes.

Make a payment template

Go to the menu Settings > Global settings > Payment templates to define your payment template for your customers.

  • New payment template : add the template name and a description to help you easily recognize the template.
  • Edit the payment template : click the edit button of the payment template and add the payment methods of your choosing. You must give your banking coordinates if you allow payment by check or wire transfer. To those who want to activate PayPal, you will use you username PayPal.

Activate your payment structures on your online store

These settings are applied from the manager in Add-ons > Store > Settings > Payment type. All the payments proposed are available on both the FreeVersion and with solution e-commerce.

All payment types are configured by geographic zones. Each zone that you have created Add-ons > Store > Settings > Zones, can be associated to a different method of payment. For instance, you could propose the payment by credit card by all zones configured or only allow payment check depending on country (for example English checks are only accepted when in the zone France).

Propose payment by charge card with the Paybox

Another payment method for the online store is a Paybox System. This option can compliment or replace PayPal, this payment method requires a verification process from your banking establishment.

To learn more about the Paybox System, we invite you to go to their site

Paybox logo

Propose payment by charge card with Paysite-cash

Paysite-cash is a payment system that is free to install, like Paypal. From the creation of your account, you benefit from easy payment aid. You will only pay a commission if you turn a profit. A fixed rate will be applied to the sales you make.

To find out more we invite you to go to their homepage.


Propose payment by PayPlug

Without subscribing and without engagement, PayPlug proposes a payment service page that can be personalized to your store. With advantageous transaction fees and easy to configure on your site that is easy and quick.

To find out more visit the sites homepage.

Logo payplug

Propose PayPal

Paypal is the easiest solution requiring no contract to use its services. It is the most commonly used system to complete transactions.

To set-up your account, get started on Paypal.

The SSL certificate is required by PayPal, it is mandatory to have the HTTPS protocol on your website to use PayPal. Find more about it here.

Paypal 4

How to activate other methods of payment.

There are many other ways that your customers can purchase your products. See the full list below of options that are easy to integrate without using third party services :

  • Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payment-on-delivery

Apply a payment template to your site

Go to Add-ons > Store > Settings > Payment types where you define the payment templates applied to your store.

You will create multiple payment templates if you want to propose different payment methods for the multiple zones. Each zone will need to be created beforehand, if not you will need to create your zones by going to the menu Add-ons > Store > Settings > Zones.

Manage the active payment types

If you have an error message on your store "No delivery possible for this country", you need to check the following set-ups:

If it is a problem related to payments, you must verify the method of payments chosen on your online store.


Once you have checked that all the points of your online store purchasing functions correctly. You can activate your online store. Communicate the creation of your new store, and promote your products and site on social networks, and inform your customers. To fully maximize you stores potential, subscribe to the E-commerce version as soon as you desire. This allows you to fully use the marketing tools, like discount codes, cross-selling, create loyalty programs, store membership...