Create your set menu combinations

In the previous guide, we saw together to put items online and sort them into categories. Let's now see how to make a set menu.

A formula is composed of dishes or products of your choice. It is created according to your wishes, depending on a theme or a price. Example: lunch menu, or vegetarian menu or daily special etc ...


Description, title and photos show off your set menus

Go to your manager and from the Restaurant add-on go to Set menus then click to add a New set menu. Give each set menu a title and describe what it includes.

There are two description fields. Enter a short description (which will be displayed on the page that contains all your set menus) and then a long description (which allows you to present the formula itself). And if possible add a photo that shows off this menu.

This is also the area where you will include the price of this set menu. In the example, we decided that The combination of the meal and dessert was a value of 20C$, which means that as a customer when you order this menu you save 5C$ than if you just order these items separately.

Edit set menu

Set menu restaurant manager

Add the items that will be part of your set menu

To add an item to your set menu is simple. From the set menu page you will edit the menu off your choice and under the long description you will click the yellow button titled Add an item.

Then select the item, you may have to look for the correct category to find the item you wish to add. You will select that item, and then proceed to add the other items that will be part of the set menu.

For example, if you have a menu that is quiche and salad you will select for quiche and salad to be displayed in the set menu, and define the set menu price. You may then want to create a set menu for quiche salad and dessert. Giving site visitors an idea of prices and common menu combinations.

Add a menu item

Select category

Added items set menu

How does the set menu appear on the site?

Once you have finished adding items to your set restaurant menu, hit save and the set menus online!

You can display your menus on your site:

  • In the vertical menus of your site. To do this, go to Settings > Menus, click Add a widget > Restaurant, and then activate the "Set menu" widget.
  • On any page of your website. Go to Pages> Manage pages and add a column. Click Restaurant > Set menus.