Create your menu online

Before creating your set menus or combinations, you must enter all of your menu items and categorize them.

From starters, dishes, desserts: let's see how to add items and add meals to your restaurant website and present your restaurant and your daily specials!


Create categories to organize dishes and menu items


The categories are used to order your menu items and dishes. Your categories could be for example "Starters", "Mains", "Desserts" and "Drinks". But you can refine your sorting system by creating subcategories.

For instance, you may choose to divide the category "Quiche" into "Vegetarian" and or even create a hierarchy of subcategories to create a very detailed wine list (Wines> Red Wines>Bourgogne)

To add a category, go to the add-on Restaurant> Items module and click New category.

Create restaurant categories 1

Add an item or a dish to a category


An item is any food that can be consumed by a customer (ex: a plate of raw vegetables, a beef stew, caramel ice cream).

You can classify your items by category (ex: starters, dishes, desserts) to find them more easily in your interface and display them more easily on the site of your restaurant.

To add a product, go to your Restaurant add-on, select the category you want to store it in and then click on the "Add an item" button.

Add an item

Adding an item requires a title, a price and a description. Write charming, mouthwatering descriptions to make your customers want to taste your dishes and visit your restaurant! When you fill out the item description there are two different descriptions. The short description is the one used to describe the dishes in the list of categories, while the "long description" makes it possible to present the dish from your webpage.

Add beautiful photos


These photos are the visuals that will make your customers want to taste your menu items. If possible, take pictures with the same background or cut out (or call a culinary photographer). You can add more than one photo per dish, or just stick with one quality image.

To add one or more photos, go to the item and click on the "Photos" tab and then "Add a photo".  Sort your photos into folders on your storage space. This will allow you to find them more easily if you have dozens of dishes.

Add variations to your items


A product can be varied in size or quantity. A "Château Margot 1978" could, for example, be sold by the bottle, the pitcher or the glass. It works with wine but also for a fried hamburger (your burger can be of classic size or XL, XXL with a different quantity of meat).

To create a variation, go to your menu item, click on the tab "Variation" and then "Add a variation". Give a title to the variation (example: Burger size XXL), add a price, and a photo if you wish for more detail.