Present daily specials

For those who love your restaurant, you may what to display your daily specials. Daily specials are typically dishes that are different from your menu, which can change each day.

Customers can know at glance directly from your site if they will be coming in for the daily special or coming into your restaurant for the set menus.


Advantages of the daily specials

By proposing different daily specials that are outside your set menu, you will have even more opportunities to create customer loyalty and a close customer relationship. To keep a steady flow of regulars, add some variety to your set menu to make your restaurant the place people want to eat daily.

Setting up your online daily specials doesn't require you to connect every single day to update, although you can if you prefer. Instead, we allow you to plan ahead and add daily specials for the week and the website will be updated automatically to show the daily special.

How to add your dishes to your daily specials?

In order to enable your daily specials, you will need to activate this feature by going to the restaurant add-on and edit the dish that you are wanting to include in the daily special menu. While you are on the item's page you want to scroll to the bottom of the page, and just above the SEO portion, you will tick the option Add to daily specials.

Choose the price for your daily special, as the price may differ from the listed price. You can then choose what day this will be special, or choose multiple days, so that it will appear automatically on your website.

Save and then continue adding other daily specials as needed. You can change your daily specials at any moment from the website manager.

Daily specials

To display the daily specials on your website:

The daily specials are displayed automatically on the homepage of the restaurant module. But you can also display your daily specials on your pages or menus.

  • To see the daily special in your vertical menus, go to Settings > Menus, click Add widget > Restaurant, and then activate the "Daily specials" widget
  • With the dynamic page creation tool, you can display the daily specials in a page (homepage or any page of your website). Go to Pages> Manage pages and add a column. Click Daily spcials and then save.