Set-up online table reservation

Thanks to the restaurant add-on, your customers can consult your online menu, daily specials and hours. But wanting to offer online booking of one of your tables on your website? Let's see how to centralize your telephone and web reservations on the same booking system. Integrate a free widget on your site that works with GuestOnline.

Booking is unlimited and without commission regardless of the volume.

GuestOnline partnership

GuestOnline is an e-monsite partner. E-monsite is the French version of the emyspot website builder. Just as emyspot, GuestOnline is a free tool that allows restaurateurs to accept online reservations and to centralize all reservation, be they by phone or your website. GuestOnline is free, regardless of the volume of the reservation.

Guestonline ems 1


Create an account with GuestOnline via your website manager

To add the GuestOnline widget to your site you will select it from the gadgets category. You will be prompted to add your GuestOnline ID and to choose the display format. To retrieve your GuestOnline ID, you must create an account on GuestOnline. Follow the registration steps and validate the confirmation email. Fill in your login information (sent by e-mail) to access your restaurant space.

The widget can be added to the side menu or directly to a page.

To add this widget to a page click on Other Widgets> Gadgets> GuestOnline add your  ID and then hit save. T go to Configuration> Menus, click ADD A WIDGET. In

To add this widget to a menu go to Settings>Menus and configure the widget from Gadgets> GuestOnline be sure to save your widget, and be sure to save the menu. If you do not hit save on both pages your changes will not be applied.

Id guestonline


Copy-paste the ID

Copy the ID from the email you receive after creating your guest online account and paste it into the widget. It's that simple!

Display style

On the site, you can view your reservation calendar two ways: an iframe of a calendar or as a button where the receive opens in pop-up by clicking on "Reserve")

Online reservation calendar

Your reservation system is online available on your site. You will receive an email as soon as a new reservation is made, you manage all your reservations on your GuestOnline interface.

This is the guide to setting up your restarunat website. Happy webbing and don't hesitate to contact the emyspot support team if you have questions.