Free or paid extras

If you want to create a website with online booking, you can offer free or paid additional features of the rental. Often referred to as extras, extras are optional (or you can choose to make them mandatory) services that can be offered to clients during the booking process. For example, a conference room may have the extra choice of breakfast service(coffee and fruit) for a fee.

Some other examples of extras

  • A cottage could propose linen or use of bicycles
  • A hotel might charge for access to the wifi
  • A guestroom could offer guests a choice of breakfast (or not).
  • A campsite could charge access to electrical points.

Let's see how to add extras to a rental. Regardless of the extra, its price is added to that of the rental price automatically for you.

Key difference between equipment and extras


Equipment are goods or services that are included in the rental (they do not vary the price of a rental). They are added in section 1 of the rental where you fill out details. To add equipment or a list of equipment, go to the Details tab. At the bottom of the page in Additional Information you can add your equipment. We suggest you fill in one device per line and then save. For more information on this topic, we recommend reading the tutorial: the details of a rental.

Example: Luxury bathroom with jacuzzi for a hotel, or a crib and changing table in a cottage.


Extras are goods or services in addition to a rental (for a fee or free). Whether they have a fixed or a variable price, extras are added to the total price of the reservation.

An extra can:

  • Be required or optional. To allow site user's the choice, tick the optional box. If the extra is mandatory, the client can not validate the reservation without choosing the extra.
  • Be free or for a fee: To offer this extra for free, do not enter anything in the Price field.
  • Have a fixed price or a variable price. If you tick the Fixed price box, the price will be independent of the rental period (ex: 10 € the rental of a bike for the stay). If you do not check the box, the price will vary depending on the duration (ex: 10 € per week).
  • Different attributes of the same extra. You can offer 1 bike or 2 bikes (or x bikes) for rent. The extra will be "bike rental", and the attributes allow users to choose between different proposals.

Add an extra

To add an extra go to Add-ons > Bookings > Rentals click on Edit and then go to the section titled Extras(4). From this page you can add, edit, and delete extras.

When you click on add an extra you will be directed to fill in the name, the attributes, and the prices.

The name of the extra: This is the title that will appear under the reservation form in the section titled "Extras", for example "Towels and bedding". You can add as many extras as you wish.

The attribute for each extra: They will appear as a drop-down list on the site. You can add as many attributes as you like for each option. The choice is unique (it is not possible to select two different attributes)

The price for each attribute. It will be displayed in front of each attribute in the drop-down list

Edit bookng rental 1

Select the rental and go to the section title Extras(4)

Add an extra

Click on add a new rental

Extra exmple site

Save and view results on the site


The extras allow you to propose additional perks to your rental location. The proposed extras are your way to offer an avantage to future clients. These extras could encourage internet users to book your location over another.