Position text and image blocks

The page builder tool allows you to easily place content side by side (which is not obvious with the visual editor, unless creating a table). Learn how to use blocks and columns to create a page layout.

Let's see how to position 3 images side by side as well as 3 paragraph of text, without having to worry about the margins or content layout. With the page builder tool, you can easily position an image next to a paragraph.

Web design 1

Connect to your site manager and add a New Page. Within the page, click add a block and then click it again. You want to have two blocks. On each block, click add a column, so that you will see three columns in your block.

Let's add three images to the first block, one in each column. The second block is where you will insert your text. This allows you to insert your pictures and text so that the formatting is automatically aligned and ventilated.

Three images

Text side by side


To learn more about how to create pages, we recommend reading the tutorial: Easily create pages. This method will allow you to create more structured and complex pages in a simpler way than with the visual editor.