Advantages of the page builder

We strongly recommend you break your content up into blocks and columns, moreso than editing all your content in one block (although both are possible with the visual editor).

The blocks and columns system as seen in our page builder presentation video allows for better pages that are more pleasing, and easy to update. The advantages of using blocks and columns are overwhelming when making a page


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Create well-structured pages

The page builder allows you to make personalized web pages that are structured to perfection. Put content side-by-side, determine the size of the columns. Move your content, horizontally on the line or vertically between your multiple blocks.

Cms pages 4

Break up the content of your pages

Using blocks and columns to make your page allows you to present your content in a clear concise way. You do not have to manually create the margins around images, or text, or widgets, the page builder takes care of that for you. It makes the navigation of your page easier.


Quickly create your pages easily

The page builder makes complex pages fast and easy ! Updating, changing, or erasing content with amazing outcomes - regardless of previous experience - becomes simple.


Display dynamic content

As we mentioned in the introduction, you can integrate content from all the add-ons by using the widgets. You can display your store products from your online store on any page, or the last blog posts you wrote on your blog. This allows for content to be fresh, updated, with minimal effort.


Display any type of content, easily

It is easy to display to text blocks side to side, place images next to a text, add music and videos, put up a map so that visitors can find you, etc.. the possibilities of content that can be added to your pages are endless.