The Page Builder Tool

The page builder tool makes creating pages that are quality with flawless design, fun and simple. With the help of our innovative easy-to-use tools, publishing your site content like text, photos and videos is easy, making professional-looking pages simple and quick to publish.

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Create structured and dynamic pages

Make a web page that appeals to visitors adding hundred of widgets, boost your presence on the web, and propose your pages in multiple languages ! Creating pages becomes simple and fun.

Adding Text or HTML


Easily format your text with the easy-to-use page builder. Adding text, new lines, and tables, formatting and adjusting your page layout is just like using a word processor – spell-checker included!

Add images and videos


Make a web page that appeals to visitors with interactive and rich content thanks to the many widgets: add Google maps, MP3 and Youtube and Dailymotion video players, slideshows and more in just a few clicks.

Put up interactive pages


The widgets allow you to create interactive pages: Make a blog and share news, an online store, a site agenda to publish events online … choose from over a dozen different free content add-ons, enabled with just two clicks.


Add page blocks


You can create pages with multiple page blocks (just up-to 20) to create clear and well structured pages.

Add a column


Each block that you create can be divided into columns, ranging from one to six columns. This is very practical to place text aside a photo. The possibilities are endless.

Easily manage the blocks


Each block can be resized and the order changed easily, making page organization a whiz when making clear professional looking pages.

Personalize your images 

You can now personalize your images by giving them a specific shape. Adding styles to your page makes each image pop: you can choose from polaroid, rounded corners, a circle, and more...

Add formatting your page 

Add formatting to your blocks or columns to make information stand out. Thanks to the page builder, it is possible to add separations or to put certain information in the spotlight with framing and unique formatting.

Watch our video showing how to use the page builder to it's potential, it's easy and fun.

If you want more information on how to create web pages with emyspot, don't hesitate to check out our online resources. Also, if you have technical questions, an emyspot team is available to help.

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