Add widgets to your pages

As you know, on a webpage there is more than simple text. There is a mix of different content of photos, videos or even music and maps, the variety of content is limitless.

All these functions are widgets that can be inserted into your pages. In watching the following video, you see how easy it is to integrate widgets into your pages.

Widget 1


Visual Editor

This is the most used widget. It allows you to insert text using a familiar interface that helps visualize your text and all edits. You can easily format your content just like text software (bold, italics, underlined, undo etc...), make links, anchor text, or create paragraphs.


HTML editor

A close contender with the visual editor, thanks to the HTML widget, you can add HTML code into your pages (external HTML code, javascript, etc). Also, there is a shortcut between the HTML editor so that you can switch easily between source code and visual editor. This makes creating a block of text simple, as you can type with the visual editor and then edit the HTML if you wish.

Picture 1

Image widget

Add an image or a photo from the storage space of your site or from your computers hard drive. You can easily insert images, change the size, link the image and choose the style of the image.

Widget 2

And more widgets

There are over a hundred free widgets that you can insert into your pages, such as the weather widget, facebook, polls, the last comments, etc. Each add-on has its own unique widgets, that can easily be added onto your page (ex: the products for sale in your store, the last posts published on the blog, the last comments, etc etc..)

You can easily insert widgets on your page while creating blocks and columns. With the enormous variety of widgets, we have dedicated a weekly blog to the uses of each widget. In the last section we saw how to construct pages with blocks and columns. To make a well-structured site that is easy to update, we are going to explain how to organize your pages into categories in the next section.