Understanding SEO

You have put in the time and the work to present your passion by making your site, be it an enterprise or a blog. As I am sure your first goal is not to be seen by everyone on the internet, but by those in your target audience, you still want to be seen (by those who will purchase your products, share the same passions, become part of your community, transmit a message, ...)

Seo base 1

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


SEO (search engine optimization) is the technique and the practices involved to appear and get referenced on search engines and how to up your site position in the search engine list.

This is the simplified definition, and a lot of the key details will need to be explained, but rest assured we are going to address all the details in this guide.

What is a search engine ?


A search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) is a site that lets you research information by keywords, requests, and questions.

The search engine results depend on the database of the specific search engine which page links are ranked due to specific algorithms.

Search engines are helped by worker robots that crawl through the web automatically.

The robots' job is to search new pages that are not yet in the search engine databases. They also update the information on the pages that are in the database but have been modified. These pages are then found by keywords defined by robots.

Make your site appear on a search engine.


This is what we call the indexing phase. If you can find your site on search engines by the URL address or the name of your site then your site is indexed.

We have dedicated a whole portion of this guide with the step-by-step process so that your site would be indexed on the main search engines.

Rank higher on search engines


This is what we call the SEO phase. As soon as you create your site, you must take the necessary steps to better your sites ranking and SEO. To do this ask what content is attractive to search motors and what to avoid.

Continue reading the guide and we will discuss search engine optimization in detail. Site optimization is not a step that can be checked off the to-do list(like the index phase). This is a process that should be worked on the duration of your site's existence.

If your site does not display when you search for it in the search engine when typing in the keywords that you have defined in the site description, this does not mean that your site is not on Google, it means that the search engine optimization has not been done for the keywords you have created.