Optimized search engine : Better your visibility

From the moment you create your website, you should constantly be thinking of your keywords. Search engines propose content based on the importance of keywords, or even one keyword.

Provide the content that people need, and are searching for, and let the search engines guide web surfers to you !



Logically there will only be one top result depending on the keyword. So why should your site appear before others on Google? How can you propose content that allows you to be on the top of the list and what should you avoid?

As soon as you add content on your site, you should be thinking of your SEO and optimization. Adopt an SEO friendly strategy and get ahead of other sites.

You will need to :

  • optimize content by paying attention to how you write your pages. You should be writing for your target market but also to please search engines.
  • optimiser la structure of your site and make navigation easy. The easier your site is to navigate for people, the easier it is for a search engine.
  • optimize the META tags. On emyspot, we give you the tools to add your META tags at the bottom of each page or item of your site. Together we will see the purpose and how to fill out his portion to optimize your site.