Get indexed : Be present on the search engines

Before aiming to appear first on the search engine or being in one of the first result when searching by keywords. You first need to be recognized and present on search engines. This is what we call the indexing phase.

You have created your site today or maybe a few days ago and you can't find your site on search engines? Don't panic, it is normal.


My site online or my site on Google : What is the difference ?


Once you have created your website, it is online ! In other words your site can be accessed by typing the site address in the address bar. Attention : your site is not indexed the same day it goes online. You will not be able to find your site with a search.

You must wait for search engine robots to discover your site and index your site's content in their databases. This requires patience as you wait for robots to do their job. It is a crucial part to the indexing phase, there is no time limit that Google has for indexing your site. Days? Weeks? It depends.

How to cater your site to Google's search engine ? How can you better ensure that search engines are aware of your site's existence? Here are two solutions.

The first solution


Rather than waiting for Google(or any search engine) to figure out that your site exists, submit your site to them directly. This is the first step for a webmaster to complete when creating a new site. You will not need to submit all the pages, your homepage will be sufficient.

Don't forget to establish a presence on other search engines. Yahoo and Bing also promote site traffic

An indirect solution : get referenced on other sites


The more that your site has been referenced on other sites (also called "backlinks"), the more chance you will have to be indexed in haste. In fact, robots are constantly crawling through links on the web. The more that your site is linked by others the higher the chance of being found.

For this reason that a newly created site on emyspot is added automatically to our directory. We give you an automatic foot-up at emyspot giving you the first backlink so that Google can find you.

Make an effort to create the maximum links that point to your site and you will have more chance to get recognized by search engines. Be sure that links are quality and we explain how to do so in the portion : get backlinks and exchange links.


While waiting for your site to be indexed, don't stop working on your website. Continue to add content to your site. Get new links, sign up your site in directories or create partner links. After time your site will appear on Google. But search engine optimization doesn't end there, it is just the beginning!

Read on and discover how to better position your sites on search engines.