Communicate on the web

Your internet reputation depends on the quality of content of your site but also web presence. Multiply the chances that your site will be seen !

This can be done by exchanging links with other websites whether on sites that have similar content or on social networks. But choose links wisely.


Get the right links to your site

Links that direct visitors to your site can happen naturally if you have quality content. Yet, don't hesitate to promote links in directories or to multiply the links to your site.


Create partner links.
To do so all you need to do is to contact other webmasters and convince them to share your link. In order to do this you need to market your site. You might want to use the partner widgets or create a page dedicated to them. We recommend that you read the tutorial : find partners.


Submit your site to directories
You can start by submitting your site to Dmoz, Webrankinfo or even Gralon but don't stop there, as millions of directories allow you to obtain your links. Search for specialized directories targeted to your activity or regional sites. Be sure to pay special attention to the quality of your links and to avoid mass producing trivial links.

Avoid services that offer to add hundreds of links at a time. It is better to pick and choose manually and while it takes time it ensures that your links will be well done and done correctly (paying attention to titles and the descriptions on each site).

Try to create links based on strategic words. Also, when you sign-up on directories or exchange links, and try to obtain links composed of keywords.

Use social networks


Let site visitors share your content.

Regardless of the impact on your sites SEO these shares increase your site visits by interested readers. Your site can go viral as it spreads from person to person. In order to take advantage of this option, we recommend you read the tutorial activating the share button for social networks.


Create a community using your social networks

Encourage site visitors to join you on your social networks, integrating the Facebook widgets or even your Twitter and Google+ account.