Optimize content

The search engines take notes of your content generates only the pages of top quality on the top of it lists. So be sure to propose quality and original content to be higher on the search engine results.

If your content is up to standards it can be in one of the better positions of the search engines. Therefore it is important to determine whether your site reaches the standards of the search engine.

The quality of your content

We determine the quality of content with the following :

  • Originality. Do not use copy and paste from existing sites. It is not only illegal, but search engines can easily recognize copied content and will punish those who use it. You need to interest your users by proposing original content, you will interest the search engines, and you will begin to create a solid reputation. So create your content yourself.
  • Up-to-date. Make sure your content is fresh and actualized. It is in high demand for users and its importance to search engines must not be ignored. You should update your site bit by bit to constantly remind the search engine bots that your site exists and is providing useful updated information.
  • In the correct language. Always put yourself in the mindset of your readers, this is extremely important when choosing the terms and wordings. Mind your spelling.
  • Have quality links. The internal links direct users and robots to your pages of your site. They are extremely important to make navigation easy, (increase the number of visited pages) but also to increase your page's popularity. Links should always lead to the promised material. When you use a link, try to use well-reflected link titles rather than the simplified. "Click here to access this page".

Conclusion : The more unique and up-to-date your content is then you will have higher chances of creating links directing to your site.

Quantity of your content

The quality of your content is important, yet so is the content. The popularity of a site is also based on the quantity of content on the website.

  • Regularly add content : if content is quality, then the more you have of it, the better off you will be on the search engines. This helps when you want to go up in position on the results list. For instance having a blog that you update regularly, is an excellent way to make sure you appear on search engines over the years.
  • Create a page for each theme : It is better to clearly create a page per theme. Even if this page has a smaller amount of quantity (ex: a page for offer, a page for related activities, and another based on the location.) To have a stronger SEO, you should not mix topics when on one page. So creating a site that talks a little about everything is not recommended. It is free to create websites on emyspot, if you want to give tips on gardening and talk about auto-mechanics, we recommend you create two separate sites to do so.

Organize and structure your content

A robot from the search engine is not reading the pages as a human and do so by looking at the structure of your page. Therefore it is better to create a logical method almost mathematical approach. For this you need to take advantages of the headers, written as H1 to H6, to structure your content in logical paragraphs.

  • Your page is always given a title (H1) and can contain paragraphs organised (use H2, H3 etc. just to H6). The H1 is your page title, and should be the most important title of the page. The page title in the manager is in the page title on the website. (ex : title of the page, title of the blog, title of the photo).
  • The following titles (H2 H3 H4 etc) organize the pages into clear paragraphs. They break up page and give sense to the following text. If you use the page builder to its capacity, breaking your page into blocks and columns. In fact, each title of the block corresponds to H2. To add the following headers, you select the text and choose in the visual editor. The "bold" function helps search engines determine what is important.

Avoid these pitfalls :

  • Copying content. Do not place the same text, copy and paste onto multiple pages or take text from any other place. The copycat content is useless, and makes your site obsolete and will drop in the rankings.
  • Image site. If the search engine has no text to read, it cannot index them. To give yourself the best chances to show up in the search engine, don't rely on images.
  • Coming soon (or to deactivate the site too long). To deactivate your site is a possibility on emyspot (Configuration > Settings > Site Information), but this is risky to turn away robots that are analyzing your pages. To do this for an extended period you will diminish your appearance on search engines

We have many more recommendations, go to this tutorial for the dos and the don'ts of site creation.