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On 07/09/2017

In Website design

Whether starting a blog, launching a business, or building an online portfolio design plays an essential role in your websites, and projects, success. Create a solid online presence with a design that makes visitors want to stick around and come back. Creating a solid design is not just about making your website look good - To make your website stand out from the rest make sure your website meets the following 5 criteria.

Focus on a fast user experience

To have a successful website you need to create a user-friendly experience. There is nothing worse than going to a page and waiting for it to load. This is one of the leading reasons for a high bounce rate or users abandoning your website. So ensure that your elements are not causing your page to load slowly. Elements that cause slow loading times are unnecessarily large image sizes, unclean code, and too many fonts.

At emyspot the website themes are created with this in mind, ensuring that your elements don't bog down your page's loading time. As soon as you start adding content be mindful and check your code. This is done by going to the <> Source button from your page builder tool bar and eliminating the code that is unnecessary and slows your page down.

Create clear navigation

You must make your website easy to navigate, there is nothing more frustrating than elusive content and the never-ending scroll to get to the information. Keep content short, sweet and well organized. Design your menus to guide site visitors with ease. Use titles that both guide and encourage continued surfing.

This is easy to do with the menu templates that you can personalize so that your website is easy to navigate.

Visual eye catchers

With the rise of popular apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter people are becoming used to quick snaps of information with videos and images. And there is a movement towards keeping it short. While patient readers still take the time to find the content they are looking for, to encourage all audiences to visit your site include videos and images, breaking up content with clear blocks and columns.

Mobile and tablet ready

Mobile use is here to stay and is constantly on the rise. Constantly imagine your website being used on a mobile device. Thankfully all the themes on emyspot are optimized for all screen sizes, so you just have to worry about the content. Don't hesitate to test what it looks like on any screen. Google has a helpful tool that you can use to test your website on multiple devices.

Strong security

Site visitors want to visit sites that they trust. Online security is a crucial key to success. The easiest way to do this is to have an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is an instant notification to both search engines and site visitors that all the information exchanged on your website is safe and secure. Emyspot allows you to add an SSL certificate to your website at any point of your website creation process.

Stay true to you

Your website design should reflect your project and the purpose of the website. Personalize your font, site colors, and add images. This will create a unique feel that clearly expresses your website's purpose.