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Google has a new tool to test your responsive design!

On 25/03/2016

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Google has a new tool that helps you visualize your site as seen from multiple screen sizes. From the veiw of a computer, tablet, phone : each version is taken into account with Resizer.

A simple interactive tool

Thanks to Resizer, Google allows everyone to easily see the aspects of their website from different devices. In a glance webmasters can see how their site responds to different screen sizes, all you need to provide is your site's URL address. The advantage of this tool is its interactive interface. You can easily preview your site, and all of its pages at the same time.

Nav bar

Test the display on the computer

In the navigation bar above you have three icons that represent the different devices. Let's click on the laptop computer icon. You will then be able to resize the contents of your site to the standard screen sizes. There are 6 different sizes you can choose: 480, 600, 840, 960, 1280, 1440 or 1600 pixels. Click the size you would like to see and this tool does the rest.

Test the display on your mobile

To see the display of your website when seen from a phone, you will click on the phone icon. You will have the choice between four screen sizes (phones are getting bigger and bigger). The size choices are : 360, 600, 720 and 1024 pixels. You can see your site from the eyes of your site users and even bounce between landscape or portrait on a smartphone or a tablet.



The importance of a responsive site

As the use of mobile phones and tablets has gained popularity in alarming speed, it is important that your site can be navigated from any device. At emyspot, we propose only responsive themes, that will adapt to any screen size, so that you can create an effective and beautiful site.

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