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Music on my mind

On 09/12/2015

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This week I have music on my mind, as I can't walk down the street without hearing songs of Christmas and cheer. I feel like Billy Mack, where Christmas is all around me and in case you want to add some music to your site, that is fitting to your tastes (maybe not Christmas music) use the mp3 playlist gadget.

What is the mp3 playlist gadget

Mp3 playlist

The mp3 playlist gadget lets you give your user's the chance to listen to songs you have handpicked. Perfect for artist websites, blogs, or to communicate to your readers in a different way. Pick from songs that you have written, or by your favorite artists, if they are in mp3 format it can go on the list.

The gadget lets you personalize information, and puts it into an easy to use audio player so all you have to do is push play. Look at the list below of songs I compiled for the winter season.

And read on to find out how to make your own.

Make your own

1. Add a block and click on the gadget mp3 playlist

Mp3 playlist 001

2. Add and edit the mp3 file, changing the title and artist


3. Fine tune the playlist to showcase the songs

Fine tune

Save and then push play

From the moment you click save, the songs of you choice will be available to your readers. Communicate with more than words, and add some sound. I don't know if I can support another three weeks of carols and holly jolly winter spirit. I will try to resist turning into the grinch, but in between time I put some of my favorite winter jams above. I hope to hear some of your songs to.

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