Individual version

Version Individual

With the Individual offer you can create a personal website that is truly yours. This package is perfect for private individuals, bloggers and for all persons wishing to make a site that is complete, personalized, ad-free and branding free at an advantageous price.

Free emyspot websites have a few discreet ads, to keep them free forever. Free websites have also access to a limited number of features (i.e. 150 MB storage space for your pictures and files).

For those who want to expand their website we have created the Individual version. You can get it for just €18 (that’s about €5/month). Your ad-free website will come with a stack of great extra features, and more file storage space (500 MB).
It also enables you to subscribe a domain name or to connect your own domain name to the website if you have already one.

Explore the key differences of free websites and websites with the Individual version.

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Compare Version Free and Individual version

Free Website


Individual version


  Publicity and Ads

Automatic display of host banners and ads on the site Yes No
Page creation Unlimited Unlimited


Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Support within (business days) 48h 48h
Storage 150 MB 500 MB
Member Area (community up to) 25 members
Monetize the site Yes

  Product Catalogue

Number of products displayed online 10 10
Number of photos per product 1 1
Product combinations

Attention, the Individual version is only available for private individuals.

In addition to the Individual offer, you can add

Domain Name PRO

30£40$€35 year

Get an easy-to-remember address for your website, and manage your domain and emails right from your site manager, to complete your end-to-end online communications and marketing strategy.

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Pack SMS

15£20$/100 Texts€15/100 Texts

Create SMS campaigns, send personalized text messages,announce promotions and build customer loyalty with targeted marketing actions!

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Secondary Domain Name

20£25$€20 year

The Secondary Domain Name option gives you the possibility to reserve a new extension and/or have various domain names redirecting automatically and seamlessly to your website.

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