E-commerce solutions: Product Display

Display all your products for your e-commerce website efficiently, and get your products online in no time. Create product combinations (or product variations) and optimize them for search engines, like google, or bing.

Make an E-commerce Website

Add products

Add products to your online store easy, with a well laid-out product builder form. Add product titles, prices, set taxes, weights and stock levels for each item of your online store.

Add unlimited products (with a StorePRO subscription) or display up to 5 products with the free online store.

Illustrate your products and incite purchase

Encourage your customers to buy and illustrate your products with images, and use each image to showcase different aspects of your items. The more product images the more you can transform site browsers into purchasers.

Unlimited images with a StorePRO subscription and1 image per product for FreeVersion users

Never run out of a product - Manage stocks

Set stock levels for each of your items to manage stocks automatically. Each order settled by your customer automatically adjusts the stock levels of items purchased. You can even configure how to handle out-of-stock purchases for the whole store or each individual product, and set up real-time, low-stock email alerts.

Set up your virtual store, just as you want. Every product in it's right place.

Organize products in one or several product category groups, to suit the kind of items you sell, and the way your clients will access them on your website. Create intelligent and meaningful navigation through your online store to assist customers in finding what they want, when they need it. Add tags to products to enable one-click product search filtering on your website.

Size, colour, quantity... Combine and display your products as you want

Offer multiple versions of the same product. Every new product choice, big or small, can have a varied stock or a different price or a unique product photo.

Your products can have a variety of options clearly displayed to buyers (ex: a tee shirt proposed in multiple sizes, S, M, L or XL or different colours red, green, blue...) the possibilities are endless.

Selling MP3's, photos and e-books made easy, offer digital sales

Sell files for downloading, like MP3s, PDFs or e-books. Link files to products in just a couple of clicks; customers will be able to download items purchased on your store as soon as their payment is received (instantly for online credit card payments).

This feature is reserved exclusively for StorePRO subscribers

Your online store, powered by SEO

Optimize your store products for great results on search engines like Google, using powerful built-in search engine optimization tools. Fine-tune meta titles, descriptions, keywords, URLs and illustrative page images for social sharing networks like Facebook.

Make a multilingual online store

Sell your stuff anywhere - around the block, or around the world - with a truly international website, translate in the languages of your choice. Each product can be quickly translated, and visitors can switch between site languages in one click.

Product import and export

Manage your product category using your preferred spreadsheet software, like Excel or Open Office, to update prices, references or add new items quickly. Store products are exported and imported using CSV file formatting.

Export your products to Google Shopping in one click

emyspot can generate an export of you store products to Google, increasing chances of products being seen on search engines.

This options also allows you to easily create publicity and ads on Google Adwords, promoting your products to the fullest.

Sell personalized products!

Give your shoppers all the details they need to purchase a personalized product. Activate in one click the product personalization and create a personalization form with the necessary fields you need and upload this information to simplify the buying process.