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Restrict access to your content, reserving it for those close to you or your project or rewarding your site members with content just for them. You can restrict who sees private information with a password protection or create a member area. Ensure that your site is secure with our specialized plug-ins to protect personal information and privacy or to create a feeling of superiority and loyalty with a member area.

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Protect your private information

Restrict access to certain content easily from the emyspot manager. You have the option to make content password protected with the add-ons that are available. Do you have a member space? You could also choose to allow only members to see your content.

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Restrict content easily


Thanks to emyspot's helpful add-ons you get to choose who can see your content. Restricting access to certain content is simple, and you can choose pages, groups of pages, or even one part to block access to users. To learn how to do this, go to our tutorial.

Password security features are only available on Version PRO

Protect your personal photos


Share your photos without having them appear all over the web, be it vacation photos, new house renovations, or pictures of the family. You can protect access to your photo albums, restricting access to photos easily.

Or you can share pictures with family or friends only.

Secure your personal information


Have you created a site for your company and want to give it another dimension? You can share a financial statement or meeting summaries, and even better protect information with a password.

You could also separate public information from private information all from the same easy to use tool on emyspot.

Create a members area 


If you have activated the members area on your website, you can easily restrict access to a page, a whole category, and even fine-tune which members can go where.

This makes your internal communication as easy as your external communication, letting members know about meetings and the administrative side, while visitors get a feel for what your website is about.


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To use the features mentioned above without restrictions subscribe to the PRO Version for 40£ or 70$ per year, and you get emyspot without limits.

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