Manage and track online store sales

You control every part of the client's journey from perusing, ordering, billing, and after on your e-commerce website. Everything you need is right there online, and easy to use. We've made it simple for anyone to begin or to expand their online business.

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How to successfully manage and track orders?

All the necessary tools are available to manage your online store orders. All orders can be accessed from anywhere and can be monitored in real-time.

Easy ordering

The order process is designed for your customers to purchase what they want with no fuss. Once they're ready to proceed to checkout, they'll choose a shipping method and get an instant update on the total order price, including shipping fees.

Additional payment type surcharges are automatically added when paying, and customers have a secure access to their account details, and order status and history, right from your website.

Automatic billing makes keeping track of orders a cinch

Whenever your clients orders are paid, invoices are issued automatically and emailed to you and to the purchaser. Personalize store billing information, including your store address, legal notes and invoice prefixes.

Sales statistics

Your online store sales statistics are visible the instant you connect to your site management interface, detailing daily and monthly sales figures at a glance. Access the detailed statistics tool to compare sales figures month on month, or year on year, to view turnover, average order size, and value.

Keep your accountant informed. It is simple to export order information

You can be at ease, as well as your accountant that it is easily possible to provide the invoices and the numbers concerning your e-commerce site. This export can be opened on Excel, Open Office, and more

emyspot proposes two types of exports : a list of orders and a detailed order sheet. You can generate export sheets by criteria : date, payment status, client...

These sheets can also aid you with keeping precise statistics and tracking your sales performance.

With numerous ordering options you can find exactly what you need

Numerous online store options allow you to fine-tune your ordering process : define the minimum number of orders, disactivate online sales, allow clients to leave comments on orders, etc.