Marketing tools for a successful e-commerce website

All the e-commerce marketing tools you'll need to convert visits into sales, to build a loyal customer base and to boost your online store sales figures. All this is integrated into the emyspot site manager. These tools will help you get your online shop off to a great start.

Make an e-commerce website

How to create a successful e-commerce website?

It can be challenging to start an e-commerce project. Yet, emyspot ensures that you have the correct tools to create a successful e-commerce site with numerous ways to boost online store sales and tools that grow with you.

Offer promotion codes and deals to your clients


Create discount codes for all or selected items of your store, and/or free shipping on purchases. Each code can fine-tuned to your sales needs. Promo codes are perfect for quick sales promotions via Facebook, Twitter or Newsletters.

Option available exclusively to StorePRO subscribers

Create an SMS marketing campaign


Thanks to the PackSMS you can easily start an SMS marketing campaign from the emyspot manager. Keep in touch with existing clients, create a relationship, and let them know about product offers or news! Help your clients stay in the loop

Option available exclusively to PackSMS subscribers

Create sales


Boost revenues or clear stocks through sales, by defining the fixed-value or percentage-off reduction for one or more items. You define the sales start and end dates, and prices are automatically updated on the site, with an "On sale" pricing and message, to ensure they grab a customer's attention.

Boost sales via cross-selling


On each of your products, you can display links to associated products to boost sales by proposing similar or complementary items. Direct hesitant purchasers to explore other items, or to complete a sale with additional items and ensure you maximize the sales potential through increased average spend on your online store.

Option available exclusively to StorePRO subscribers

Get client feedback


Encourage your customers to leave comments and ratings on your products. Future customers are more likely to purchase if they're able to get feedback on items from others.

Option available exclusively to StorePRO subscribers

Create V.I.P. client groups and reward loyalty


Offer time-limited discounts to your best customers, associations or other client groups - simply define the client group, and the discount rate or amount, and period.

Option reserved exclusively for StorePRO subscribers

Your clients are your best marketing tool.. have them spread the word

Create buzz by having your clients spread the word via social sharings buttons - encourage your clients to do natural link building for you by sharing products on social sharing networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Need help with your e-commerce website?

To help you use the e-commerce add-on and the tools that come with, check out the tutorials, guides, or the emyspot support team is available at any moment.