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Our automatic security and hosting services allow you to concentrate on site quality and content.

With updates happening automatically, without hassle, no time is lost when making your emyspot website.

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Free web hosting. Quality, security, unlimited traffic 100% 

Fast, reliable, and secure, hosting is free at emyspot. With quality guaranteed, there is no traffic limit or hidden fees.

Your information is secured on the emyspot servers : with backups for all websites hosted by emyspot done daily to assure minimal to zero loss of information in case of system failure.


Benefit from the automatic updates

Whether to reinforce the security or to add new features you will not have to worry about updating. All updates are automatically applied to the page.

This assures that you are constantly using the most reliable and tested version on the emyspot CMS !


Performance guaranteed !

We gaurantee maximum performance. Because of the thousands of webmasters using emyspot daily, there is no place for bugs ! If a problem is found, our technical team fixes it. The speed of site pages loading is of an extreme importance not only for search engine optimization but also for the ease of use and to attract and keep visitors. Our expertise and superior infrastructure.