Site statistics for your website

It's important to keep track of your site popularity by following visitor statistics and get to know your user's habits. Use emyspot's built-in free site visitor statistics tools to follow the daily or monthly evolution of your site traffic.

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Visitor statistics in real-time

Keeping track of your site statistics regularly enables you to evaluate the impact of your advertising campaigns and site updates. You'll see at a glance how many visitors your site has attracted, and exactly which pages they've visited.

This kind of information is vital to improve the visibilty of your site in search engines and to evaluate the changes you make to your website as you go along.


Detailed statistics with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free, full-featured tool you can use to get detailed information on your site visitors - with details of pageviews, visitor origins, browsers used etc. This can be easily activated on your site to better your website.

To access Google Analytics, you'll need to sign up for a free account with Google and add a code provided with your account to your emyspot site manager. For details on setting up your site with Analytics, just head to the Marketing > Statistics menu of the site manager.


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