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Ideal for e-commerce sites, the pack SMS is an undeniable marketing tool, allowing you to boost your activity, inspire sales, and establish a relationship with your customers. The Pack SMS gives you credits on your site that you can use as you see fit, sending targeted messages at members or groups of members (necessary to have VersionPLUS).

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Boost your sales with SMS marketing

When you have a sale or want to reach out, you can easily create a campaign SMS. With a much higher success rate than an e-mail campaign, discover how an SMS campaign can boost your sales or better your customer relationship.

It's easy to send SMS and watch the evolution of you sales and site traffic. As there are certain laws that need to be respected, our tool to send out SMS integrates and respects these laws to the letter.


The SMS opening amount superior to 95%

Sending an SMS is efficient, reaching more people than other methods, as 95% of your clients open the texts they receive. Making your site responsive and your texts important, you can generate sales or contacts thanks to the mobile.

The pack SMS coincides with law

You can purchase new credits and use your credits as you wish : yet at emyspot we ensure that you are respecting the law : for example sending an SMS at permitted times, and so we inform and guide you to follow the law to the letter.

Target you client group

Choose to send a message using marketing by SMS to all your members or target specific groups. For example, women or men customers. A rounded knowledge of your target market allows you to efficiently run your SMS campaign.

A responsive site : the need is real

When opening an SMS, your customer can choose to access the site directly, and it is pertinent that your site can adapt to any screen size. At emyspot we have numerous responsive themes, and it is automatically compatible with any connected device.

Plan SMS campaigns in advance : gain time

From the emyspot interface, you can plan your campaigns in advance : this gives you time to optimize your message and to better anticipate the times and days to best reach your clients, ensuring your text arrives at the best time !

An interface dedicated to SMS campaigns

You manage your campaigns and your subscribers from the emyspot manager (same as your website editor). With features like a helpful word counter ensures you use 150 characters and creating a link to the desired content, SMS campaigns are made simple.

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