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Add an image to your page

Add images to your page using the Image widget the visual editor, or an image URL. In this tutorial we walk you through image insertion.
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Add a slideshow to a page of your website

It’s easy to add image slideshows to pages of your website. In just a few clicks show off your images. The how and where's of inserting a slideshow.

Managing website comments

A tutorial to enable site comments and create a relationship with your site visitors. Encourage visitors to return to your site and build website traffic.

Creating members-only website content

Create and manage restricted site content with site member accounts. Choose which parts of your website content can be viewed by everyone or which parts are restricted.

Restrict access to site content using passwords

How to easily restrict access to part or all of their website content by password. Enabling password access takes just a few clicks.

Add a hypertext link to a page

Learn to quickly add page links. Adding hypertext links helps visitors navigate, and helps search engines to understand what is important in your website.
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Manage and activate the comments on your website

Allow users to comment on your content to up user involvement. See here how to activate and manage your comments.