Create a fee-based member zone

If you are wishing to create a member zone where you can profit by proposing content for a price? The member space now allows you to create subscriptions for your members. The members can subscribe for your reserved content for a time period.

Follow the tutorial to set-up subscriptions and manage your members subscriptions from the manager.


Create your subscription offers

Important :

To create a fee-based member zone you need to have the VersionPLUS.

You will then need to activate the member zone by going toMarketing > Site members > Settings, with a sign-in box on your site. Next you will need to propose at least one payment method which is activated from the menu Marketing > Site members > Subscriptions > Payment Methods.

1. Create one or more groups

As you create your groups you can then define the content that is reserved to each specific group. These groups can be assigned access to areas of your site or given certain privileges.

Create groups by going to Marketing > Site Members > Groups and then add a new group or redefine the settings of an existing group. Give the group a name (for example: Base member) and then click save.

Create multiple groups if you wish to have different types of subscription for access to different content: for example the Base member group can access the content with video tutorials, whereas the Advanced member group where they have access to the video tutorials, the guides, and the printable checklists.

2. Create the subscription fees

Go to the menu Marketing > Site Members > Subscriptions and a new subscription.

  • Name the subscription as you wish it to appear on your site: for example, this could be related to the content they can access with the subscription, naming the group "Step-by-step guides" or "Audio material".
  • Tip: Add an illustrative image to make the display of your offer on your site better.
  • Clarify the price and the duration period of your subscription offer. Ex : 5 $ pour 1 month. If you wish to propose differnt subscrition periods, simply click on the "+" button and add the next offer for instance : ex. 10 $ for 3 months.
  • Tip: Add a detailled description to clearly define the value of your subscription offfer.
  • Select the group that you created previously to apply the subscription price, and then hit save
  • Tip : If you have multiple groups and want to have different subscription privileges for each, you should create a new suscription for each group.

3. Define the access of the group

You must determine which parts or part of your site that member groups can access. For example reserve the blog to member's only, or even being as specific as reserving the page.

  • For an add-on : Go to the options tab of the add-on you want to change. There will be a zone "Member access" that can be found in the bottom of the formula. Edit and then Save.
  • For a page : Go to the page, scroll down to Plugins, and find the zone titled "member access".