Helpful tutorials for using third-party services 

It's easy to integrate external online services to your website, to add content or features that are right for your site and your audience. Heres a guide to adding some of the more popular external services to your website.

Intégrer paybox sur son site internet Intégrer Google Analytics sur son site web Intégrer instagram à son site internet Disqus intégré à votre site
Des applications externes sur E-monsite
Maps 1

Display a Google map on your website

Add maps to your website using Google maps. Provide essential information to site visitors about the location of your business, school, or enable people to find you easier.

Adding videos to your website

It’s easy to add videos to your website, either by adding ready-made code from a video sharing service or by hosting the file in your site file store.

Locating and copying website file addresses (URLs) in the site manager

This tutorial helps you quickly locate and retrieve the addresses of images and other site files stored in your site manager. Making file linking and sharing easier.
Wordpress 1

How to import a Wordpress site to emyspot

Easily transfer a Wordpress website or Wordpress blog to emyspot, using the built-in site import feature.
Webmaster tools 1

Validate your website with Google Search Console

Google Webmaster is a free service, designed to make your life as a webmaster easier. Correct errors, track visits, keyword searches, and ensure your website puts its best foot forward.

Using web fonts to personalize your site design

Add web fonts and apply them to your site. Using a web font of your choice ensures that visitors will view your text as you designed it.

Manage your comments on Disqus

Disqus is a free online service for users to comment in an interactive manner.

Display the last comments of Disqus

Use the helpful widget and display your conversations on Disqus and get people talking on your site.
Fb 1

Website URL Blocked Facebook

This tutorial will help you in the case that your site link has been blocked by Facebook. A guide of how to unblock your URL.

Set-up the new reCAPTCHA

A new way to combat spam. A sleek, clean, and easy-to-use spam filter that can be integrated to your emyspot site within minutes.