Manage orders and customers

The e-commerce add-on makes it easy to manage your orders and the customers. This guide is dedicated to discover how to manage your confirmed customers and the orders that occur through your online store. When a customer purchases a product, they are informed every step of the way("payment received", "order shipped" etc )

Manage the orders

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To see your site orders go to the menu Add-ons > Store > Orders. Most of the order status' are set by default.

For example, when an order is paid on PayPal will have the status "Paid". Whereas a wire transfer will have the status "Awaiting verification" and as soon as you decide to verify the order the status is marked as "Paid". You can modify your delivery status after payment.

Each step of the process will be emailed to the client, at the moment you confirm the change.

Important: If the clients do not complete the payment process the order status will not have the status "Payment received". Instead an online payment will have the status "Awaiting payments", meaning that the payment has not been finalized.

We give you complete control when managing your account with the possibility to search for a specific order, a receipt, or export your orders. Making your accounting simple.

  • Search for an order : use the search filter on the order page to research a specific order, or to find, for example, all your orders awaiting payment.
  • Billing info : you can find the billing in the menu Add-ons > Store > Settings > Billing.
  • Export your order list : you can easily export your order lists for easier accounting, clearer statistics, better marketing campaigns...

Manage your customers

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Each time a user makes a purchase they become a member of your online store. They will have their own log-in and member profile to make their shopping experience better. The webmaster can see the member profiles from your manager to consult or edit the information. From here, you will create customer groups, and can apply customer privileges to your groups. These members are extremely useful for marketing and to up sales.

Follow along and see how to manage customers and customer groups.

  • Site members : your customers create an account as they go through the payment process. Using their account login, the customers can find their last purchases and all helpful information associated with their orders, purchases, and shipping.
  • Customer member accounts can be managed by going to the menu Marketing > Site members. If your are subscribed to VersionPLUS, you will find all members together, regardless of how they sign-up for better user management.
  • Member groups : in Marketing > Site members > Groups you will be able to put each client into a group. As soon as the customers sign-up each member will be placed into a group by default. To define the default member group, go to Marketing > Site Members > Options (you can think about activating, from the same menu, automatically validate new accounts created, if not a new client will have to wait for validation before they can pay for the products they wish to purchase).
  • When you create groups and place and then associate customers in groups (by editing member accounts), you could then propose deals and promotions, to groups which you define as "privileged". This is an excellent way to create loyal clients and drive up sales on your online store.