Why create a blog?

The blog has many advantages and brings rich benefits to those who employ it correctly.

Whether creating a blog or integrating a blog into your sites your activities, here are just some of the reasons you should consider becoming a webmaster-blogger.


Better Search Engine Optimization

As you blog, you will write and create articles that will be displayed from the most recently added to the oldest content. Each time you add a new article, you increase the content and the richness of your website. And that is a key aspect of being found and ranked well on search engines.

The content you create is used to position your website in search engines on the web. Unlike static "news" pages (you can update your feed regularly by adding and deleting content), blog entries are never removed from your site without your say so. The more you blog, the more your site's content changes, and this change is essential to your website's search engine optimization (SEO).

As we explain in our SEO guide, search engines love updated sites. Over the years, you will multiply the articles and therefore the gateways to your site through search engines. When writing articles on your blog, consider making links to pages on your website (for instance on your store or your main landing page).

A concise communication tool

Creating a blog is ideal for developing a brand image and to highlight your energy.

As a blogger with a voice, be it professional or an expert, to keep up a blog gives off a serious and confident image. Updating your site regularly is a key to communicate with site users and create a connection.

To use a blog as a communication assures your reputation, and shows website readers that you are an expert in your domain.

Build up your reputation

Not only can you build up your reputation but you can build a relationship with your readers. Writing pertinent and interesting articles on your blog regularly, will create a following and help you reach and create an audience.

There are many tools that exist to show off your blog posts and become well-known. These tools will be explained in detail in the section : successful blogging

Increase user interaction

Creating a blog allows you to up user interaction on your website. You can express yourself by publishing articles on topics that you know and you can give a voice to users, inviting them to leave comments on your articles.

If you answer (even the negative comments), you can create additional momentum and make your site a space for expression and debate.

Not only will your site be updated regularly, but it is a place for lively discussion!