Useful terms and definitions for making your blog

There are some specific terms that we apply at emyspot when publishing new content.

Let's make it clear and demystify the universe of blogging as we define the terms that are used when you create a blog.

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What is a blog?

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A blog is a tool dedicated to publishing posts and articles. These posts are displayed from newest to oldest in reverse chronological order and can be associated with tags and or organized into the categories of the blog.

A blog is an undeniable method to create interaction on your site as it allows the author(blogger) to express themselves directly to the users but also the user will be able to comment on the posts.

A blog is often regarded negatively by webmasters who are searching to build a site. Yet, the blog is a powerful communication tool that gives you the ability to inform user's of the updated features of your site. The blog can stand-alone or be integrated into your site.

Terms and definitions

  • A post : This is an article. To create a new post you will write a new article that will appear on your article (publish a post means to put in online).
  • Reverse chronological order is the natural way that a blog is presented and cannot be edited. This means that posts will be displayed from most recent to the oldest post.
  • Tags are the keywords that allow you link multiple posts from your blog to each other. Adding tags to your blog posts is a method to present your content by keywords for your users (through a tag cloud) associated to the theme of your articles. By clicking on a tag the user can consult all related posts that have the same tag.
  • The RSS flux of your blog can be found by putting "" in the navigation bar. You can propose to your users to subscribe to the content flux, receive all updates automatically as soon as a post is published.
  • Scheduled : you can decide exactly when your posts are published. This allows you to write a post in advance and then publish it as you wish. We explain to you how to plan your posts in this helpful : publish your posts.

Create a blog or create a site ?

You do not need to choose between a site OR a blog. It is completely possible to create a site with a blog section. This is done by simply integrating your blog into your site. You can find out more in the section : enable the blog add-on.

Activating a blog and adding rich content regularly through new posts, keeps you site pertinent and is a way to create loyal readers. We will find out more about this in the section dedicated to successful blogging.