Who should make a blog?

As the blog allows you to add content regularly to your website and is an important website ranking factor - anyone and everyone can and should make a blog. A blog is a tool that is perfect for all types of web projects.

An association blog

Associations can use the blog to communicate with members, distribute results on association votes, or keep partners and sponsors informed.

Example: Create a sports club site and communicate the match scores and highlights via the blog.


A company blog

A company blog is beneficial to all online commerce - and can be used to show your expertise and communicate to customers. It can be used to present products or services, communicate with customers and humanize the company by publishing articles about its inner workings. A blog is a great channel, to create a relationship with customers and a platform for your business to reassure the customer and increase turnover.

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An e-commerce blog

A blog can be added to your existing e-commerce website. Webmasters of online stores can choose to enable the blog to publish details about products, demonstrations, or even promos on products. Talking about products shows how well you know them, that you are an expert in your field. Creating internal links between your articles and your product catalog, you will help to improve the SEO of your product pages.


A free-lance blog

You may choose to create a blog for numerous reasons.Maintain an online diary, become a better writer, talk about your favorite products or places to visit. Creating a blog is convenient for travelers around the world that maintain a logbook or for people who want to share their passion or voice an opinion.

Example : A travel blog, a family blog or even a politics, fashion, or cooking blog.

Conditions to create a blog

There are many misconceptions about creating a blog. So here are some common questions we get and answers that will help you create a blog.

You need to be an expert to create a blog?

This is simply not true. A blog is a great platform to stand out as an expert, as you can blog about your expertise. But you do not need to be a journalist or an expert. All you need, is a writing stile, a message, and know how to structure content so that reading is enjoyable and relevant to the user.

You have to write everyday on the blog?

There is no obligation. The more you write, the more you enrich your site content. The frequency of publication will determine the pace search engine robots will visit and index the content on your website. The more you write the better it is, but there is no obligation or rhythm of publication.

A blog is for young people?

There is no age limit to creating blog. This is not just a space to talk about anything, not just a diary. As we have seen, the blog can be used by associations, companies, or individuals wishing to transmit their passion or e-commerce site activities.

It costs money to create a blog?

When using the emyspot website builder, you can create a free blog, publishing an unlimited number of articles and receiving unlimited comments. The blog is a fre tool that allows content publishing that you can activate to complement any website.

Member blog

Conclusion: anyone can create a blog!

Whatever your industry or your web project, as soon as you have a moment that you have a story to tell and you have something to write about. The blog is a means of expression.

With emyspot, anyone can easily create a blog!To have a blog is to propose up-to-date content that will increase your website rating and increase your website visitors.