Create clear menus and facilitate site navigation

The menus direct your site visitors, making navigation clear to user's. There two types of menus : horizontal or vertical.

To manage your menus in your manager, let's met in Settings > Menus and figure out how to manage the menus of your site.


The horizontal menus

The bar of links that creates navigation from the top and/or the bottom of your website. It is possible to create drop-down menus, where the links will appear when hovering over the tab.Horimenu

A working example of navigation with the horizontal menu (as seen on the emyspot presentation page)

The vertical menus

These side menus display your content in columns bsp;on the sides to the left and/or to the right of your content zone. In the horizontal menus, you can add widgets, or text and images.Side menuAn example of navigation using a vertical menu, (found at the left of this page)

How to add a link to the menu

To add a link to your horizontal menu or a widget to your vertical menu, meet up in Settings > Menus.

More advanced options to manage your menus

  • Add text or images to your vertical menu. To do so click on Add a widget > Gadgets > Free zone
  • You have the possibility to add content to the bottom and the top of your site. To create a footer on your site go to Settings > General settings > Editable zones
  • For those who want to create different menus on each page of your site, or certain you can create and apply menu structures. This is a more advanced option.
  • And for the webmasters at ease with html, there exists an advanced option that lets you create a free zone that can be coded by HTML in the horizontal menu.


Clear and easy navigation when using vertical and horizontal menus is a must. Read the helpful tutorials on site menus and get off on the right foot.