How to configure menu settings

All you need to know about setting up your website menus and other site navigational links. Create and apply menu templates to your site content, add and edit page links, and adjust your site navigation to suit your site content, layout and visitors. Spending time adapting your site navigation to your visitors helps them find what they're looking for, with a minimum of effort, and is a key to a successful website.

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Organize the vertical menu of your site

Use this tutorial to organize your website's vertical menu, and create dynamic and easy site navigation. Shows how to add links or widgets to your side menu.

Organize the horizontal menu of your site

A helpful tutorial to help you organize your horizontal menu to perfection. Shows you how to link internal and external pages.
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Display a Google map on your website

Add maps to your website using Google maps. Provide essential information to site visitors about the location of your business, school, or enable people to find you easier.

Add a hypertext link to a page

Learn to quickly add page links. Adding hypertext links helps visitors navigate, and helps search engines to understand what is important in your website.

Personalize your 404 (not found) error page

Add a personal touch to your 404 page is a way of ensuring a complete “look and feel” across your website, even when your visitors get lost along the way.
Use menu layout

Using website menu templates

Creating and applying menu templates to different sections of website content, or to individual pages, ensures your site navigation is adapted to each page.
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Create a clear, concise, and practical site

Tips and pitfalls to avoid to create a site that is pleasing to the majority of site visitors based on content, design, and navigation.
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Optimize your site structure

Your site should be easy for the SEO robots to navigate and propose your contents to the readers. Here are some tips.
Anchor menu

Use page anchors in your vertical or horizontal menus

Ensure easy and clear navigation and create a menu with anchor links. Follow this tutorial to create a flawless one-page website menu or integrate an anchor menu into longer pages
Search bar widget

Add a search engine

Make it easy for your site visitors to find your content when adding the search engine widget. This tutorial helps with set-up so you can maximize the search engines potential.