Make a restaurant website

Make a free restaurant website to spread the word about your cooking talents the world over, and to reach out to new clients for your restaurant or café.

Start to create your restaurant website today - enable your customers to reserve a table or get a quote for a banquet or catering, right on your site. Make a website to share your passion for cooking and to connect with clients by choosing to make a blog or an online guestbook.

Make a restaurant website
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How to make a free restaurant website

All it takes to start to make a free restaurant website is a quick registration - everything you'll need is right there online, there's no software to install.

Once you've signed up, you'll find it'll take you no time at all to get your restaurant website up and running. A simple yet full-featured web page editor makes it easy to publish your site content and edit your pages in just a few minutes. Don't forget to add the kinds of details your customers will be expecting: present your restaurant, specialties and critiques. Add opening and last order times together with access maps. Display address and reservation contact details, plus accepted payment types (cheques, credit cards, cash only etc.). Publish menus, specials and prices.

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Open a dialog with customers and highlight regulars' opinions

The keys to a successful restaurant are to remain at the forefront of taste trends and to satisfy customers' needs whilst expressing the qualities of their chefs. Choosing to make a blog is a great way to present new dishes with text and images, or to announce menu or price changes. Why not make a photo album or an online video gallery - as an easy way to whet customer appetites and to present your establishment and its dining ambiance. Your customers in turn can leave their comments right on your blog, photos or videos.

By making an online guestbook you can highlight feedback from satisfied customers. Customer recommendations and testimonials are one of the most effective ways of getting new business. Word of mouth is a lot more powerful than self-promotion.

Build your business by diversifying

Reach out to new customers or provide new services - make a free online store to increase revenues for your culinary business. An online store is perfect for selling ingredients, favorite condiments or local produce that might be hard for customers to track down in the local supermarket.

Another great way to generate business is to use your website to offer recipes online, or provide advice or details of cooking workshops. They're perfect for drawing in customers at slower times of the year. To get started is easy - make a forum and use your blog to communicate cooking advice and handy tips via photos and videos, enabling others to spread the word for you.

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