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Making a blog is an ideal complement for a website - it's updated regularly, and provides a simple way of sharing experiences and expertise, whether the subject matter is personal or professional. It's easy to create a blog, free, with emyspot's online tools.

On emyspot, you can create a blog for an association, a news blog, communicate new parts of the website or your new store products, etc. Making a blog is a great way to get closer to your users and to better your Search Engine Optimization.

Make a Blog

Why create a blog?

In the age of Web 2.0, to make a blog has become an integral part of online communication. A blog is the ideal complement for a website - it's updated regularly, and provides a simple way of sharing experiences and expertise, whether the subject matter is personal or professional. It's easy to create a blog, free, with emyspot's online tools, just as it is to quickly and simply make a photo album, create a forum or publish an online diary or guestbook.

And best of all, to make and start a blog is a piece of cake - you don't need to know any technical stuff and emyspot's easy-to-use interface ensures even beginner bloggers can get online and start blogging in no time at all. Once online, visitors to your personal blog, associative blog, company blog, or school blog can start a dialog with you immediately, by leaving comments on your posts, or watching the videos, images or other interactive content added to your posts.

Blogging made easy : Why choose emyspot

Easily add new blog posts


You can visualize and edit the content of posts on your blog with our easy to use blog add-on. This add-on allows you to add text, photos, videos... the result is a clear and easy to use blog that is created right from your manager.

Interact with your users


Get your users involved and let them leave comments on your blog. This is an excellent way to boost user participation and get valuable feedback ! It is easy to control the comments left, either let them post directly on the site or read them over before, get your users talking

Make a collaborative blog


If you have activated a member space, or have multiple webmasters, you can let the blog take a life of it's own, where any member can post, making a richer more varied blog, and where you still have the control you want.

Keep your visitors interested : Similars article feeds and RSS feeds


Your latest blog post RSS feed is automatically created and made available so all can keep up-to-date in real time, be it from their social networks or other flux. emyspot also proposes that you can display similar articles to grab hold of readers and peak their interest further.

Add Widgets


Our widgets allow you to integrate your blog into your website flawlessly. For example, you can make sure your new blog posts are seen by integrating it into your homepage or side menu, display our blog and its categories of your posts, or add a search engine for your blog...

Share on social networks


Create buzz and activate sharing your blog posts on social networks. Website visitors can also share with friends and send on to others easily with facebook, twitter, or google+.

Time your publications


Prepare your articles and post when you want ! As there are certainly times when your readers are more present and receptive, publish new posts on a schedule! This allows you to update without physically pushing the send button, plan the date and time you want.

Restrict access to your blog


If you want to send your posts to a select few, you can simply choose who has access, create site members. You could even have a public blog, and reserve certain parts for members only.

"Tag" your articles


Link your different posts by key words, "tags". Create a coherent theme within your blog and making content easier to find and more relevant. Better your site by proposing cross referencing!

Give your articles categories


Making a well-organized blog is essential. Our solution of blog creation allows to create categories to order your articles. You can reorder articles, change categories, and more with simple drag-drop.

A blog optimized for search engines


In addition to the quality automatic referencing emyspot provides, your can also boost your blog's visibility. You have options on the bottom of each post you write allowing you to add to the SEO.

To better the SEO of your site


The blog is a great method to regularly add content, and generate more volume. Updating your blog is an excellent way to better reference your site on Google !

How much does it cost ?

Making a site at emyspot is free, forever ! All of our graphic themes are always available, so get started and you can make an unlimited amount of pages.

Our offers allow access to more powerful features.

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