Make a birth announcement website

Share your baby's special moments with family and friends with texts, photos, and videos. Break down the barriers of distance so all your loved-ones can share the highlights of your baby's early years.

emyspot makes it easy to make a free website for your baby's birth - parents can share their joy, no matter what their level of expertise.

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How to make a birth website


It only takes a few moments to begin making your free baby website and share your special memories with the whole family, by using free website builder tools, no matter where you are!

Once you've signed-up, you'll have your first baby photos, anecdotes and stories up and online in minutes. A free, full-featured web page maker gives you a range of ways to make free web pages with ease. 

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Announce your baby's birth

Post your first messages and baby photos even before the happy day (ultrasounds, birth announcements, well-wishers' messages etc.) Announce your baby's birth, choice of name and publish the first images of birth. Publish baby shower lists and invitations, birth announcements and messages and cards of congratulations. Share practical advice, tips, anecdotes about pregnancy and other stories with future mothers and family members. Display and update growth charts and highlights for far-flung uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings, friends and other loved-ones to share the best of your baby's young life.

Share joy of birth with family!

Choosing to make a birth blog is the best way to share the ups and downs of parenthood with others, and ensure everyone stays up-to-date with your latest baby news: first smile, first steps, first word... Make a baby photo album and a video gallery so those closest to you can be there with you, and witness the miracle of birth and the wonders of childhood, no matter where they live.

Your website visitors can leave comments directly on your baby blog posts, photos and videos, and well-wishers, family and friends can leave their messages of congratulations for the arrival of your newborn on the guestbook. As your children grow older, you'll be able to share the joy, memories, messages and photos of their birth and early years easily, and they in turn can share with anyone, anywhere.

Make a forum on your birth website to provide a space for other mothers and parents past, present and future to share anecdotes, tips and advice, enabling you to discuss and exchange thoughts and ideas with others like you.

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A secure space reserved for your family and friends!

  • Password-protect your website access, ensuring only your loved ones get access to the most intimate moments of your baby's life via a member area.
  • Make a collaborative blog so your family, friends and others mothers can write on your baby blog.
  • Increase your online storage space 10-fold, to stock even more photos and videos of your baby's precious moments.

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