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Graphic design update on emyspot

On 22/08/2017

In New and updated features

You may have already noticed the design changes on the emyspot portal. With a few days of intense work of our team, we have created a modern and functional portal all while keeping the same content and quality you are used to!

For this redesign, we wanted to highlight the webmasters and people that use emyspot to create their own website and share their ideas with the web. We decided for this reason that your testimonies are now highlighted directly from the homepage.

We also wished to revisit the graphics of the site, and not change drastically the content, in order to keep an optimal user experience. Only the home page and the presentation page have been reviewed in content, in order to be up to date with what our website builder offers and to highlight the important evolutions.

The portal will continue to evolve in the days to come, with possible modifications of content as well as modifications of graphics, you will see evolutions in real time but do not worry, it will not affect your access to our website or to the website manager. All that has just is the look.

For those of us that are nostalgic, here is what the manager looked like before the new design:

Emyspot homepage old

Emyspot presentation old

Don't hesitate to give us your opinion. We love hearing from you and want to know your thoughts! 

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