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On 28/05/2019

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Make yourself known, show your work and sell your creations. These are some artist's expectations to be able to live from their art.
Whether you are an aspiring artist or an established art master, creating an artist website is your chance to own a permanent art gallery open to the whole world:

Expose your art through a website

It is not a secret that many talented artists struggle to get known and being able to sell their artwork. Showing off their creation through a site is a clever way to contribute to introduce art in a simple and uncomplicated way to non-insiders, awakening interest and curiosity for art.

Haven't made your mind about using the power that internet has to increase your artworks visibility? Don't wait any longer ! Start with a showcase site to show your know-how.
A website is an art gallery open to the world 24/7 and it can be incredible if you know how to use it. You can start creating a window-site to get known by art fans.

Artist's pages make possible the art access democratization and gives to the artists the chance to make themselves known and potentially sell their art. More than that, it simplifies the contact among artists and art lovers.

The interactivity of the world wide web allows visitors and art lovers to share their opinion about your creations and to get information about it (via comments or by an online form). You can multiply the visibility of your art creations by social network sharing buttons.

Sell your artwork online

Remember, Internet is also a great selling space, very usefull to keep your passion alive. Reaching a new public, one that is not used to go to museums or to art galleries, can be an extraodinary opportunity to raise awareness among the general public. Creating an online store is not just something reserved for webmasters.

Use emyspot tools on your artist website

Presenting pictures of your achievements is very easy thanks to the emyspot Photo Album add-on. With the Image widget it's very easy to add an image and it's title. In the digital world, videos are becoming more and more important, that's why we invite you to integrate videos on your website, using the Video widget you will make the difference!

The Online Store add-on can help artists selling their creations very easily. Once online, it's important to share it with your followers through the social network or with your site newsletter tool.

Got inspired? Create your artwork website and see all of the possibilities our CMS and it's many Add-ons and Widgets gives you.
If you have created already your website, share it with us!

Here below are two artwork websites made with emyspot. Both show very well all of the possibilities with this CMS and the use of different Add-ons and Widgets to offer the best possible experience to curious visitors.

Pages of artists created with emyspot


This artist llustrator does great little things. Insects, plants, flowers... You will find everything on her website created with the emyspot CMS .

Insektum 1

Andrea Espier Illustration

This young designer and illustrator has taken a step further in promoting her work. She has created her own website with our emyspot CMS.

Andrea ilustration

design visibility example site