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5 Blogging Essential Tips to Break in

On 07/06/2019

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Blogs have become the perfect media to express ideas, share one's passion, showcase one's expertise with worldwide users. For our part, we use our blog to give you tips about website creation, and to keep you informed about the new features released on emyspot and much more.

Carrying out a Blog properly, requires time and continued work plus the following 5 blogging essentials that must be observed.

1. Avoid writing just to fill in the vacuum

Quantity and quality are not the same. A blogger aims to provide grasping, informative, interesting and entertaining content to readers.
Each blog post should provide valuable and relevant information. Do not worry if the post seems too short, what really matters is how clearly have you expressed your ideas and that you have provided relevant content to your followers.

2. Share your blog

If you don't share your content, no one will know it exists. "Word-of-mouth" is key, so start sharing it with those closest to you, such as your family, friends and work colleagues.
Tell them that you have a blog and explain what it's about and why their support it's so important to you. Then, they will undertake the blog promotion your blog by telling their friends and these to others and so on. Oh! and don't forget to add your blog's link to your social media. Every time you post a new article, share it!

At emyspot you have the possibility to add social network buttons to your site in a very easy way.

3. Don't forget to add links

Continuing on the line of publicising your blog: If you were to let's say talk about "London life" on your blog and meet another blogger who has already written a magnificent post about the city. Add an hyperlink to his site so your readers can read it too. One day or the other another blogger will mention your blog.
The link building process gives visibility, help building credibility and demonstrate your blob trustworthiness.

Add links (internal or external) to your old posts if you think they can provide additional information.

4. Activate the blog in the foreground

By default, the main add-on is the one that manages the Pages. You can find the Blog add-on in the background. We recommend our bloggers webmasters to change their modus operandi and activate the Blog as the main add-on of the website.

If you don't know how to do it, here is a tutorial to set the Blog as your site homepage.

Did you know that you can create sections exclusively reserved for members on the blog? All you have to do is to enable the member space on your site, then activate this feature on your blog. Last but not the least, if you want, you can monetize your blog by proposing paid subscriptions to these members. All this, with the emyspot Version PRO.

5. Take care of your blog design

Think of your blog posts as content created for a magazine or a newspaper, they must be nice and clear. You will be putting much more than your thoughts down on paper!
Choose a nice font type, select a color palette and embellish your texts with beautiful images.

To conclude, we wanted to give you one last advice: the emyspot's blog editor is divided in two parts: it starts with a section named Blog post content, and followed by the Continuation (split post - optional).

The best way to use them, is to write a short introduction (about the blog post subject), then fill the "Continuation (split post - optional)" with the post full-content. Following this guideline will allow you to:

  • Have a blog content better organized;
  • Reduce the text on the blog main page.


You have a Blog or want to add one to your site and need some help? We'd be delighted to help you. Leave a comment below, send us your questions using this form or even better, contact us using the online support form on your manager.

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