Maximize your Member Space with more features

On 18/01/2016

In New and updated features

Many of the webmasters at emyspot have been asking for one thing : a subsidised member space. As the rise of e-commerce is undeniable and profit can be made on virtually any content, emyspot with the e-commerce features has been helping webmasters run an online store, yet now we propose more. Create a subscription based member space and charge for the content you make available to your members.


In a few days it will be possible for the webmasters that have VersionPLUS to define the price of each member access and make multiple packages for different member groups.

Who should be interested in the new feature?

On the web, many sites already use this proven formula. This tactic is used by many online journals that allow continued reading or full access depending on your subscription.

Yet this formula can be applied to multiple activities: for lessons or learning materials, letter models and support, tutorials, webinars... regardless of the subject. 

How does it work when members subscribe?

The member chooses the subscription and they can be added to the group of their choosing.

For each group you determine the fee and the duration of the subscription. For example, you could create the following subscriptions to become a premium member : one-month subscription for 5£, a three-month subscription for 12£, or a yearly subscription for 40£.  

With the new section dedicated to managing the groups and subscriptions is easy as child's play.

Check back soon for all the details on this new feature and start profiting from published content

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