Harmonize colors

Create a strong visual identity to increase engagement

On 15/03/2017

In Website design

The key factor to increase user engagement is to harmonize your colors. Thankfully at emyspot this is child's play with the themes that can be personalized to your color specifications. Watch the video to find out how to choose and personalize your graphic theme.

Choose your graphic design theme

When you pick the right color for your website, you are doing so much more than just make it look appealing — You are creating a memorable visual identity.

Everybody has unique tastes when it comes to colors. If you have a logo and a favicon, then your color palette should harmonize to the colors present in the logo. If not, then you still should choose a color harmony that represents your website activities, as well as strongly consider a favicon or logo.

We recommend choosing a neutral color scheme with a pop of color. This pop could be three main colors. A dominant color, and two accent colors. Please note, these colors should not be your background color. The background color should be neutral as possible, many opting for white or light gray.

All the graphic themes available have a color theme by default. Every theme is a clear example of how to use color, where, and which elements should have the same color to create harmony. Personalize your design to create or enforce your visual identity through colors!

Increase engagement with a strong clean visual identity. 

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