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Put a spotlight on your association with a website

On 02/05/2019

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There are many associations and each one has a very specific purpose (international organisations, non-profit associations, community associations ...). Whether it is a sport, humanitarian or a cultural association, to make it work, your organization must be known. The digital age provides us the perfect tool: a website!

Make your association well known

Make people discover and rediscover your cause, share easily information or exchange it with members. A website is an excellent tool for raising up an association. With a website, the association will be able to reach a bigger audience: regardless of the user's location, he will be able to find your organization easily if the website is well ranked. So, why not taking advantage of these factors and make your cause known beyond frontiers?

What type of content can we publish on an association's website?

Take full advantage of your blog

Your website must clearly present your association and its purpose. Use the blog to express yourself: tell the association history, write reports about activities carried out, and so on. The one thing to remember is to regularly update your blog content. Make sur you illustrate all posts with images and/or videos. A blog is not only a good way to showcase your organization, but also allows you to be well positioned on Google search results.

Out loud

Integrate a member area and a calendar

You can add a member area to your website. It will be easier for you to communicate sensitive data to partners and members of the association.

Do you have an event to organize? Activate the Agenda add-on. Visitors will be able to track your activities and attend to meetings.

Give users as much information as possible, creating a newsletter and inviting them to subscribe to it. A newsletter, sent regularly to their mailbox, will keep you from being forgotten.


Organize a fundraiser

Do you need funds for your association? Organize a fundraiser with Leetchi. Explain clearly the basics of the organization, on your website, and invite visitors to help you financing your projects.

Social networks

Finally, communicate through your social network. Add your website link to your social media accounts. And conversely, integrate sharing buttons on your website, so visitors can share some of your articles in their own profiles.

Achieve your goals with emyspot for free. No need to be an expert in web development, we made available add-ons and widgets to promote your community website easily and quickly.

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