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On 26/08/2016

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Let’s start this year off right. No the year didn’t start the 1st of January contrary to common belief ;) Here at emyspot we wanted to do a giveaway as Hanna, our wonderful intern, will be leaving us at the end of the month, and she wanted to leave off her year with giveaway. Of course, we said yes!

​The details:

So here's the scoop. You can win VersionPLUS on your site, free, for up to a year. Making a site with emyspot is free, yet the benefits of the VersionPLUS are undeniable. With the key features being a flawless extension to your existing site, larger storage space, Paypal functions, site member area, detailed visitor stats, more design control… the benefits are innumerable. For a detailed list of the benefits of VersionPLUS go to our comparison of features with VersionPLUS vs without.

Three winners will be picked at random the  with the help of the magical true random number system. 1st picked will win 1 year free VersionPLUS, 2nd picked will win 6 months free VersionPLUS, 3rd picked will win 3 months free VersionPLUS. 

Participate before  21h00 BST  the 15th September 2016. Winners will be announced 16th September 2016!

What do you have to do to win ?

All you need to do is fill in the form below and share our page on Facebook. It is that simple. The form asks you to talk about your general experience using emyspot. This entry may be used on this page:They created a site, read what they have to say, or for the website creation idea pages. The information we ask for is your name,  profession, age, photo, and your experience in 200-500 words. Example testimonial --> They created a site, read what they have to say

Competition and giveaway official rulesCompetition and giveaway official rules (68.83 KB)

Participation closed

Thanks for participating.

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Participate before  21h00 BST the 15th September 2016

Winners will be announced 16th September 2016! 

The winners

1 free year goes to Stella the webmaster of

6 free months go to Mara the webmaster of

3 free months go to David the webmaster of

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