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Three things you can do right now for better SEO

On 04/05/2017

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Share your website on our facebook page, on twitter with #emyspotbuilt tag, or submit your website to our directory become a reference for other website builders and to up your website’s reputation. SEO ensures that your website is found when people search for your website. This is done by creating backlinks, referencing your keywords, and filling out your website’s SEO details.  Here are three free ways you can create backlinks that will up your site’s visibility.

1. Add your website to our directory

One of the techniques to properly reference a site, is to have a large number of links that point to your site, called backlinks (or inbound links). The more inbound links come from sites with a strong reputation and a good positioning, the more your site will benefit from this notoriety to be propelled higher in the Google search pages (this is called Page Rank). Become a reference for other website builders and to up your website’s reputation.

Submit your website to our directory.

2. Share your website on facebook

Create more inbound links and up your visibility by posting your website to Facebook. The description and image will be taken directly from the SEO that you have filled out in the manager. If you have not yet filled in this information, then you can edit your entry directly on Facebook. But I encourage you to take a few minutes to fill this out on your website manager. There is a section dedicated to the homepages SEO from Pages > Options that allows you to add all the meta details that will be displayed in search engines.

Post to emyspot Facebook page.

3. Share your website on twitter

Spread the word that you created your website and use the tag #emyspotbuilt to up your website's visibility. With the limited characters, you can be short and sweet with your website description. Here is an example of a tweet posted to the emyspot twitter page.

Tweet your website now

What more should you be doing to improve your SEO?

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