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Google shopping: SSL now required

On 22/05/2017

In SEO - search engines

Up til now Google Shopping only required secure login on the payment pages, https is now required for the entire store. This request may seem restrictive for e-merchants but it will only be beneficial to create a relationship of trust with the users!

Progressively or aggressively, Google increases its requirements vis-à-vis e-commerce sites: since February 2016 it is necessary to secure the entire purchase process. Things have accelerated in recent months with the gradual introduction of stricter conditions to result in the https imposed on the entirety of e-commerce site.

While the news may be met with little excitement, e-retailers will benefit by increasing credibility and trust with potential customers. Indeed, assurance remains one of the main criteria that encourages purchases on a website.

What happens if my shop is not in https? For existing e-commerce sites, the webmaster may see his account suspended and his ads deactivated. For people who start building a store, creating an account on Google will simply be impossible.

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