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The Illustrative Image : What does it do NOW

On 27/01/2016

In Website design

Just until this moment, the illustrative image was not exploited to its potential, not used the same way for each add-on, and its true function was confusing. Now we have made it use clear and simple! With a tick of a box, your illustrative image will become the image of reference.


As you have noticed the illustrative image has always given those searching for your site a look into content, externally the illustrative image appears on the search engines and when you link to the page. Now the illustrative image can be used internally as well on your site. Gone are the days where you have an illustrative image and then insert the same image the page, adding extra lines to the HTML code, and more importantly tinkering with logic.

As soon as you create a blog post or add a product to your online store, you will always be able to integrate an illustrative image, and good golly is it nice.

We go as far as letting you choose the importance of your illustrative image.

Two options for your illustrative image

  • Display illustrative image in item lists : check this box to use the illustrative image in lists such as blog posts in a blog category, or related posts
  • Display illustrative image at the top of items' pages : check this box to use the illustrative image at the top of the page, be it a blog post the illustrative image defined will be applied to the top of the post, or on your product page it will be defined as the first image displayed in product images.

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An example you say ?

For a tangible example look no further than the emyspot blog. You will see that the illustrative images of our blog post are now displayed at the top of the lists, just under the title, and also on the page. Now one image serves multiple purposes and truly highlights the contents of the page, and we have accomplished the illustrious concept of less is more. Apply it to your website and use your illustrative images simple.

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